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FAQ about our Products

→ How do I find out what products are best suited to my skin?
We have a dedicated Skin Service team that are able to assist you via email or via the chat feature on our website. You can also book a complimentary skin consultation here.

→ How do Semper Amate products differ from other skincare brands?
When Semper Amate skin care products come into contact with the skin, something special happens. Healthy, beautiful skin then takes on a different meaning. It took us seven years of hard work and devotion to develop the products which we believe in.
Semper Amate always strives for healthy and beautiful skin for everyone. We do not seduce by beautiful packaging, but rather spend our time devising new, effective products that lead to skin improvement.

→ How do I know what ingredients are in the products?
You can find the ingredients of each product under the "INGREDIENTS" section on each product page.

→ I have just received my skincare. How do I know how to use it and in what order?
Each skin product does have a "DIRECTIONS" section on the product label and on the page on our website. If you have purchased multiple products, we would encourage you to reach out to us for a personalized skin regime and consultation.

→. Are Semper Amate products safe for pregnancy and breastfeeding?
Most of our Skincare products are safe to use while pregnant & breastfeeding. We advise to consult your OB/GYN just to be on the safe side. The only products NOT SAFE to use during pregnancy are our Anti-Aging Serum and Resurfacer.

→ The product does not pump and is missing the straw?
Our bottles are a little different to the traditional pump/straw bottles. They actually have an air pump which uses air pressure to dispense the product. You will find 2 tiny holes on the bottom of the bottle and if you can hold your finger over these and pump - this will build up pressure inside the bottle which will allow the product to squeeze out of the bottle. If you have any further troubles, please reach out to us.

→ What skin types are Semper Amate products suitable for?
Our products work wonderful with all skin types whether mature or young, oily or dry.

→ How do I know what Semper Amate products are best for me?
You can check out our Kits by skin type to find the routine our education specialists would recommend for you. For each kit, you’ll get information on what products to use and the order to use the products based on your skin type.

→ Do you test on animals?
Never. Our line is cruelty free. We love our animal friends and will never test products on them.

→ Are Semper Amate products non-comedogenic?
Our products are formulated specifically to not clog pores, yes, they are non-comedogenic.

→ What is the shelf life of Semper Amate products?
All of our products have a 2-year shelf life from production and a 12-month shelf life once the product is opened.

→ What temperature should the products be stored?
Products perform best when stored at room temperature, and out of direct sunlight. It is best to ensure that the room does not exceed 80F degrees or drop below 40F degrees.

→ Do the products come with a seal?
All of our full-sized products will come with a safety seal. The seal does sometimes detach with the cap when you open it, or even prior to opening. This will not affect the efficacy or shelf life of the product. If there is no seal at all, please feel free to email us.

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