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Our Story

When Semper Amate skin care products come into contact with the skin, something special happens. Healthy, beautiful skin then takes on a different meaning. It took us seven years of hard work and devotion to develop the concept which we believe in.


Semper Amate always strives for healthy and beautiful skin for everyone. We do not seduce by beautiful packaging, but rather spend our time devising new, effective products that lead to skin improvement.

We are proud that Semper Amate has become a favorite brand for skin care centers in US and abroad. Their professionals are trained in the philosophy of Semper Amate skin care and know like no other which products are the best for your daily beauty routine.

Whether you're looking for an acne control products or a skin improving cream, Semper Amate  helps you to get the best  for your skin. We do not use questionable ingredients, the products are free of parabens and are not tested on animals.

Happiness can be found in the little things of life and of course we are excited to be part of your happiness by surrounding you with all small Semper Amate moments of happiness.

If you have questions after visiting our website, please feel free to contact us. We are waiting for you to answer all your questions.

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